No. Part No.
1  SJ1-2A      Cap unit assembly
2  SJ1-21Cap sleeve
3  B-21   Flame spring
4  B-33   Flame stopper
5  B-24   Flame rubber
6  B1-19  o-ring
7  SJ1-19 Adjuster stopper
8  SJ1-10 Adjuster
9  B1-36ABurner assembly
11YN-23  Net mesh filter
12BS-26    Black molt filter
13ES-26    Eccene filter
14VP-2608Valve filter
15SJ1-30   Cap screw
16SJ1-29AFlint file assembly
17SJ1-1A  Case assembly
18123        Flint
19SJ1-28A Flint spring assembly
20SJ1-31    Piston cap
21SJ1-24    Piston
22SD7-37  Cylinder spring
23SJ1-23    Cylinder tube
24SJ1-20    Cap screw
25SJ1-22    Spring screw
26SW3-40AInlet valve assembly
270-4026     o-ring

Mat Silver
Electric Blue
Sarome isj01
Solid Aluminum butane flint lighter

Designed by Yukihisa Katano in 2003

2.3 oz    0.56" x 1.06" x 1.25"
Solid Aluminum machin cut
Made in Japan

Comes with handsome metalic gift box
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Out of Stock